Aqilôn was born as a concept of a [happy place.] 


Either physical or mental state.

That moment, that space where you can be your whole self.


A place to expand your creativity and grow new ideas.

A feeling of freedom coming from your inner self.


Aqilôn is a representation of all of the purest versions of ourselves that get in touch with everything that makes us who we are, not just as individuals but as a whole for as we are the consequence of everything and everyone that came before us.


What’s your aqilôn?




My name is Bárbara Rodríguez. I was born in Madrid, Spain.


Welcome to Aqilôn.


I was always a very creative and curious kid. 

Mom and grandma got me into fashion at a very young age, I was always running and touching every dress in every store that we went to.


I grew up dancing, singing, drawing and exploring every art and craft that I could.


At the age of 14 I got in touch with breakdancing and Hip Hop scene in Madrid and by the age of 17 I started dancing in the streets and learning from everyone I met. 


Hip Hop Culture changed my vision and gave me the values that, from that moment, became an inspiration in everything that I did.


My goal is to inspire others to be the most real versions of themselves and stay true to their values.